Guide to the best laptop brands

About Us

Thanks for stopping by my About Us page!  My name is Reid and I own and run the site

It wasn’t long ago that I was shopping for a new laptop and quickly realized there were too many options to choose from.  I was so overwhelmed by all of the different features that I lost track of what I really needed and wanted.  I found myself asking the question, “Which are the best laptop brands?”.  This site was created in order to help others understand what the best laptop brands are.

As I have researched and reviewed many different brands I have come to realize that everyone has different opinions about what the best laptop brands are.  Some of those opinions are based on past experience and others are based on biases to certain strengths brands have. I have made my best attempt to research and gather information to come to an overall consensus of what brands rise to the top.

You may have an opinion which doesn’t match those expressed in our best laptop brands guide.  We welcome your comments and feel free to contact me if you feel there is content that is inaccurate or confusing.  I have come up with a formula and rating system which I feel is the most accurate guide to the best laptop brand online today.

This site will continue to be updated with laptop brands and changes over time.  If you have a specific brand or laptop you would like to see reviewed please contact me.

Hopefully the information found here is beneficial and leads you to finding the best laptop brands and ultimately the best laptop for you.