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Apple Laptops

Apple Laptops

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Apple Laptops: Our Review

Apple is best known for its revolutionary iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, and iPod music players.  The popularity of these devices, along with the sleek innovation of the Cupertino, California based company, has led to an increase in the sales of Mac computers year over year.  Apple Macbook’s sleek and clean design, high speed processing, and high acclaim by many makes any Apple laptop a popular choice.

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While there are many who will gladly join in the “Mac vs. PC” debate it is difficult to deny the quality of products Apple is striving to provide consumers.  Still there is a large percentage of customers who will choose a different brand of laptop simply because they aren’t comfortable, or don’t want, a system running iOS.  This does not keep Apple from being at the top of our list and you will notice Apple laptops towards the top of other’s lists as well.

Here is how Apple laptops stacked up in each category:

Tech Support

Honestly we were a bit surprised by our findings with Apple tech support and we’d go as far to say we expected more.  Perhaps our expectations for Apple are too high but if not for the quality support available from the Genius Bars at your local Apple store the scores would have been lower than the 4 stars.  The key factors behind our disappointment are the lack of support via social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) along with the lack of live chat online.  We did find their website easy to navigate with plenty of help articles as well as the ability to call technical support.

Score: 4 stars

Style, Feel, and Display

This is an area where Apple excels with their clean lines, sleek designs, and overall style.  The feel of the keys on an Apple laptop is always subject to personal preference but we have found this to be a positive for most people using MacBooks.  The display is also an area where Apple pushes to excel with crisp brightness and better than average viewing angles.

Score: 5 stars

Selection and Value

In this area you will find that Apple has a significant less selection of laptops and notebooks to choose from than most brands in the industry.  The MacBook Air, offering 11 inch or 13 inch displays, starts at $999.  The only other line Apple offers is the MacBook Pro although the company has added the option to get the 13 inch or 15 inch laptops with Retina Display.  The display is beautiful but the entry price point for a MacBook Pro with Retina is $1,499.  There is really no such thing as a budget laptop in the Apple lineup whcih contributes to the lower score.

Score: 3 stars


The reason for the lower selection and value score is the same reason we will list here for the innovation Apple: the Retina display.  While this may not be enough for them to be the leader in innovation it certainly is a significant milestone in showing what can be accomplished.  It also raises the bar for other laptop brands to continue to innovate.

Score: 4 stars


The operating system alone separates Apple from the rest of the industry but they also continue to make positive improvements to iOS.  iPhoto makes it simple to manage, edit, and share photos and iMovie will have you covered for your home movie needs.  If you are familiar with iMessage from your iPhone, you now have that capability on your Mac with unlimited messaging to anyone else on a Mac.

Score: 5 stars


If you are only familiar with Windows systems then it will take some getting used to, but Apple’s line of laptops provide some great features that won’t leave you disappointed.

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  1. i love the apple laptops. I love using the fireplace app. I <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!1

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