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ASUS Laptops

ASUS Laptops

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Best Asus Laptops

Asus Vivobook X200CA Touchscreen

Asus G750JW 17 Inch

Asus Transformer Book

Asus Zenbook

Asus Laptops: Our Review

When we set out for our latest review of the best laptop brands we didn’t anticipate that ASUS would finish as well as it did.  In fact, if ASUS continues to innovate and push the envelope with their ideas, design, and construction they will be moving into the top 3 spots by this time next year.  ASUS deserves a lot of credit for how far they have come as a brand manufacturing laptops.  ASUS has long been known for the various components that go into PCs (i.e. motherboards, graphics cards) but they also now manufacture a fantastic line of laptops.

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One of our favorites in the ASUS line is the Asus ZENBOOK UX Series Ultrabooks.  Lightweight and streamlined, these ultrabooks have exceptional display and performance.  These are just an example of the quality laptops that ASUS is becoming known for.

Below is our overall review of ASUS laptops:

Tech Support

We were very pleased with the ease at which we found support contact information.  The live chat and technical support telephone numbers are just a click or two off of the home page.  ASUS is also very good at providing social platforms and you should find a good response on most of them (Twitter not so much).  We wish there was more of a knowledgebase to rely upon but there are plenty of other ways to get help.

Score: 3.5 stars

Style, Feel, and Display

We really like the style and feel of the latest round of ASUS laptops.  Very sleek design and beautiful materials make for a great looking laptop.  The displays were phenomenal with a bright, clear picture and great viewing angles.  The keyboard and touchpad on the ASUS laptops are better than they used to be and certainly par with other brands.  We hope to continue to see improvements in this area.

Score: 4 stars

Selection and Value

There is good value in the ASUS line with a wide range of laptops and options.  With screen sizes from 10 inches to over 17 inches there is a versatile lineup of choices for you.  We really like the ZENBOOK Touch with the full HD IPS display and it’s ultrathin design.  The touchscreen is responsive and you will draw a lot of attention using this laptop.

Score: 4 stars


The innovation of the ASUS brand of laptops and ultrabooks has been exceptional.  Take a look at the Taichi 21 which is the first laptop to have a screen on its lid.  As mentioned earlier the ZENBOOK Touch has an ultrathin design with only 3mm in the front and 9mm in the rear.

Score: 4.5 stars


We aren’t all that impressed with the software bundled with the ASUS laptops.  The most impressive software ASUS provides is ASUS Tutor.  ASUS Tutor provides valuable information to help you become familiar with your laptop, including very beneficial tips and tricks for Windows 8.  ASUS Vibe Fun Center is a multimedia platform music, games, video, and e-books.  Vibe is only available through ASUS laptops however we didn’t find much use for it.

Score: 3 stars


We really like the innovation of ASUS and what appears to be their tremendous strides in competing with the top brands in the industry.  They recognize there is a market for thin, light, but still powerful laptops and ASUS does a good job of filling that niche.

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