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Is Asus a Good Brand?

Is Asus a Good Brand?


Before you buy your Asus laptop you may be asking yourself, “Is Asus a good brand?”  As we mentioned in our review of Asus laptops, Asus is a brand that surprised us this year.  They were good enough to finish in our top 4 laptop brands behind Apple, Lenovo, and HP.  Asus offers a wide selection of laptops but our favorite line is the ultrabooks.

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer company which was founded in 1989.  Asus products consist of laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, optical disc drives, networking devices, computer cases, and other computer components.

If you are questioning if Asus is a good brand for graphics cards or motherboards then our response is a definite yes.  You could argue that Asus is better known for it’s computer components than it is their full blown computer systems.  Below are our recommendations for the top Asus motherboards and graphics cards.

Perhaps what makes us most excited about the Asus brand of laptops is their innovation.  Their design and innovation in 2013 was above average and we expect the same type of performance in 2014.  One of the most intriguing designs is in the Asus Taichi 21 which has not one, but two screen displays.  The second display is located on the outside of the lid, offering a unique design for a convertible laptop.  In addition to the Taichi, the ZENBOOK touch offers one of the thinnest of ultrathin laptops on the market.

Perhaps what hurt Asus the most in our review was their lower scores in the area of technical support.  In our review we noted the lack of a quality self service knowledgebase to rely upon.  This can be increasingly important to customers to allow them to save time and money by solving their own problems.

Despite any areas of disappointment with the Asus brand we are very happy with what we are seeing from this company and looking forward to what is to come in 2014 and beyond.  Asus is a good brand for laptops, graphics cards, motherboards, and other components.  While not every laptop in Asus brand is top of the line, you can find great value in the recommended laptops mentioned here.


Buy These Asus Laptops


Asus VivoBook X200CA 11.6 inch Touchscreen


Buy from Amazon


  • Great price tag, currently at sub $300.  This is a very affordable touchscreen laptop
  • Lightweight at only 2.6 pounds!
  • 500GB Hard Drive at this price tag is a huge bonus for a laptop in this price range
  • Great for everyday use


  • No Bluetooth.  Easily worked around by purchasing a bluetooth dongle
  • Only 2GB of memory
  • Touchpad is a little finicky so it take a bit of use to get comfortable with it.


Asus Transformer Book T300LAasus transformer

Buy from Amazon


  • Beautiful screen with full 1080 HD; 13.3 inch display
  • Intel Core i5 Processor provides plenty of power
  • Sleek and gorgeous aluminum chassis makes it very appealing
  • Detachable screen for laptop and tablet in one.


  • No backlit keyboard
  • Keyboard and Tablet have to be charged separately


Asus Zenbookasus zenbook

Buy from Amazon


  • Latest 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with 2 second instant on
  • 13.3 Inch IPS Quad HD Touchscreen
  • First ultrabook protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Only 2.6 pounds


  • Overly sensitive touchpad for the mouse (Editor’s note: common complaint with many laptops)

Note: Most of the negative comments you will see when reading reviews of the Asus Zenbook are related to Windows 8 complaints rather than the complaints of the Zenbook itself.  This is a very nice machine!



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  1. No doubt Asus is a good brand. It is sound in terms of hardware and software. The hardware components like, graphic card, sound card,motherboard etc are reliable and they deserves high rank in market. I would like to recommend every user to have Asus laptops, as they are standard one laptops in the world of technology.

    Thank you so much Reid for sharing such a nice review.

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