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Netbook vs Notebook vs Laptop

Netbook vs Notebook vs Laptop

What is the difference between a Notebook and a Laptop?


Ok, there might be some differences but it really depends upon who you ask.  At this point in time the terms notebook and laptop are often used interchangeably and some brands have gone as far as phasing out the use of the term laptop.

A laptop computer is a small, portable computer which usually weighs between 2 and 12 pounds.  The name is self descriptive with the intent being the computer is small enough that it can sit on your lap while you are using it.  The laptop’s purpose is to replace the desktop personal computer without losing out on CPU, memory capacity, disk drives, and overall capability.

A notebook is an extremely lightweight personal computer.  Notebook computers typically weigh less than 6 pounds and are small enough to fit in a briefcase.  The convenience and light size of the notebook make it nice for travelers or business people on the go to easily carry their personal computer with them wherever they need to go.  To decrease size and weight a notebook would often be without some of the features a laptop has, such as integrated DVD drives and other accessories.  Over time, as technology has advanced, we have seen notebooks which come with the same functionality as the traditional laptop.

Wait, then what is a Netbook?

Netbook is a relatively new term used to classify computers in the market.  The general qualities of a netbook computer are that they are smaller in size, have less processing power, and are less expensive than notebooks and laptops.  The lower price is a big contributor to the market for netbooks.  Consumers have realized they don’t need all the power, capability, and extra weight just to browse the Internet, store some music, and manage their email.

One agreement everyone can have in the debate of netbook vs notebook vs laptop is the form factor.  All three of these classifications of personal computers have two parts: one half is the screen/display and the other half is the keyboard.

So what should I buy?

Our recommendation is for you to not worry about the terms netbook, notebook, and laptop.  Typically these terms come down to a difference in size first, and features second.  While the information here should help you understand why your personal computer of choice is labeled a certain way, the key is to recognize the specific characteristics of the computer that you are wanting most.

If you are looking at a netbook and realize there is not a DVD drive, make sure that computer will fit your needs.  If you are one who travels frequently, likes to take your computer with you, and doesn’t want to carry a lot of weight, you might make sure you pay attention to the size and weight specifications as you are preparing to make a purchase.

Regardless of netbook vs notebook vs laptop you will be able to find some powerful, functional, and lightweight personal computers to meet your needs.

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